SunTech PVC


Geomembrane Designed to Withstand the Sun

SunTech PVC is Geomembrane that is designed to withstand the sun and still give you all the characteristics that make PVC one of the most reliable and easy to install Geomembranes on the market. SunTech PVC is user friendly for installations with multiple panels that require field seams. SunTech PVC can be seamed together with an adhesive. No thermal welding required.

Benefits of SunTech PVC:

  • UV Stable with an exposed warranty
  • Long term survivability
  • Flexible for three dimensional performance
  • User friendly

Typical Applications:

  • Exposed Ponds
  • Stock Pile Covers
  • Water Management
  • Rain Covers
  • Ditch Liners
  • Remediation


Product Specifications:

30 mil SunTech PVC

40 mil SunTech PVC


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