Anchor Trench Details



anchor trences_epi geomembrane

Typical Anchor Trench


The anchor trench will be excavated to the line, grade and width shown on the construction drawings, prior to liner placement. The OWNER or ENGINEER will verify that the anchor trench has been constructed according to construction drawings.

If the anchor trench is located in a subgrade susceptible to desiccation; no more than the amount of trench required for the geomembrane to be anchored in one day will be excavated to minimize desiccation of the anchor trench soils.


V Trench


The trench should have slightly rounded corners where the geomembrane adjoins the trench so as to avoid sharp bends in the geomembrane. No loose soil or rocks will be allowed to underlie the geomembrane in the anchor trench. Leading edges of the anchor trench should be smooth and even.

Anchor Trench


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