Josh Schlosser

Transitioning to Technical Sales Representative at Environmental Protection, Inc. Josh’s primary focus is to oversee the many projects that we are sent for technical review and quotation. As the former Production Manager for EPI, Josh is able to assist the team with his expansive knowledge of our fabrication process and provides creative solutions for layouts with unique area requirements. 

After attending college for aviation management, Josh began his career in the geomembrane industry that he has grown to love. Since 1999, Josh has worked for three of the primary fabricators in the United States, starting his career cutting out geomembrane patches with a coffee can, marker, and a pair of scissors. Josh has worked his way up the ranks from welding technician to foreman, supervisor, QA/QC, Production Manager and finally landing in his current role as part of the sales team. With certifications through IAGI (International Association of Geomembrane Installers), CPR, OSHA, H2S awareness, forklifts, loaders and skid steers, Josh has a skillset paralleled by few in the industry. Josh is very knowledgeable in geomembrane installation, fabrication, QA/QC, as well as customer service and management. His career in the geomembrane industry has taken him to 47 of the 50 states, as well as Barbados and Costa Rica.

Josh currently lives with his family in Traverse City, where you can find them spending time outside doing anything from attending soccer games to swimming and simply enjoying the sunset. Lovingly referred to as a family full of strong-willed and persevering individuals, Josh often reminds us how tight-knit they are and how he wouldn’t trade them in for anything.

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