Mike Miles

As Equipment Manager at Environmental Protection, Inc., Mike’s primary focus is the maintenance of our welding machines and other equipment used for the fabrication of our geomembranes. A veteran of the installation generation here at EPI, Mike has been with the company for over ten years and has truly grown in his role, working his way up the ranks from laying liner on jobsites to now managing our welding equipment, ensuring that each liner is welded to the satisfaction of our strict quality standards. Mike has vast installation experience, and can easily say that he has helped to install more liner than most installers will in their collective lifetime. An asset to the project, Mike assisted in EPI’s installation of the world's largest geomembrane liner project ever constructed in a single operation, the Columbus Upground Reservoir Project (CUGR), which spanned 843 acres.

With the majority of his education coming from what he describes as the school of hard knocks, Mike is mostly self-taught, and answers around the shop to the names of “Mr. Fixit” and “Here, it’s Broke!”. A fan of challenges, Mike finds every day to be an accomplishment as there is always something challenging to do, fix, or learn about. The worst thing you can say to Mike is “it can’t be done” to which his reply will usually be “watch this”.

Mike lives in Kalkaska with his fiancée and two beautiful daughters, who are the loves of his life. In his spare time, you can either find Mike tinkering on a new project, or at the gym where he enjoys working out and helping others to learn new skillsets.

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