Tyler Knowles

As the PVC Lead for EPI, Tyler's primary focus is to monitor the sales orders as they come to his team for fabrication. He confirms that each order is completed properly and in the most efficient way possible to meet each deadline. Tyler has been part of the EPI production crew since June of 2016 and has grown his professional skill set with each passing year. He encourages a positive workplace attitude, knowing that collective behavior and learning environment play a substantial role in the company culture. Overall, Tyler motivates his team, and inspires diligent work that results in exceptional products.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, Tyler enjoys staying active with winter sports like snowboarding and ice skating. During the summer months you can find him rollerblading, camping, fishing, and disc golfing. He is one to take on new adventures and often times you can find him sharing those experiences with his close family and friends.

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