Landfill Covers

PVC Landfill Liner Applications

PVC geomembranes are ideal for use in landfill caps, landfill covers, landfill liners, temporary landfill closures and more, due to their ability to effortlessly accommodate differential settlement in the waste pile. Its high elongation and durability make PVC the best environmental liner for these applications. First utilized as bottom liners for municipal waste containment and landfill closures to inhibit rainwater leakage, PVC has over four decades of success in the landfill closure market, effectively helping to preserve groundwater resources.

PVC geomembrane is an ideal geomembrane cover material for applications in:

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW), and yard waste (in several states) landfill disposal facilities

  • Low-hazard industrial waste, C&D construction, and demolition waste debris, other non-hazardous industrial waste landfill disposal facilities

  • Coal ash basin closure

  • Facilities that accept fly ash, cement kiln ash, wood ash, lime kiln dust, and foundry sands

Additional benefits of using a landfill liner include:

  • Odor control - It's no secret that landfills give off an unpleasant odor. This is especially an issue when the landfill is close to the community. Landfill covers will ensure the odor stays locked-in, and away from the surrounding community. 
  • Pest Prevention - Raccoons, rats, and birds are just a few of the critters that love a visit to the landfill. It's important to the health of the landfill that you keep unwanted animals off because they will dig and pick at the landfill as well as potentially spread diseases to those that work at the landfill. 
  • Soil Protection - When a landfill has the proper liner and cover, the soil beneath is better protected. Soil erosion and contamination are two big risks to an improperly protected landfill. 
  • Fire Control - Wildfires have been a concern for many towns across the country. When your landfill is properly covered by a liner from EPI, you reduce the risk of a wildfire by taking away the fuel that is readily available to catch on fire.  

EPI's Double Liner System

Because landfills hold hazardous waste, a double liner system for the geomembrane cover is essential for providing leak containment. Whether the landfill has liquid or solid waste to contain, we want to ensure that it's properly managed. The landfill geomembrane is double-lined to protect the area. A single liner system would be used to hold construction debris on some occasions. Single liner systems are still thick enough to prevent any cracks. 

Composite Liners

Composite liners are often used for solid waste containment in landfills because they reduce the amount of leakage. Composite liners combine the features of both geotextiles and geomembranes, which allows them to contain any seepage while being punctured resistant. 

Daily, Intermediate, and Final Cover for Landfills

The landfill cover system we recommend will vary based on what stage the landfill is in. Daily cover for the landfill is placed over the area at the end of each day. Daily cover is usually soil, but it may also be an alternative daily cover. Intermediate cover is placed on areas of the landfill that are inactive for longer than 6 months. Final cover is placed on the landfill sections that have reached full capacity. 

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