Geotextiles for Environmental Remediation ProjectsEPI liner for environmental remediation

Geomembranes are used in remediation applications all the time.  They're often used as an underlayment to contain runoff from contaminated soils and sometimes used as a long-term cover over contaminated soil that can’t feasibly be excavated and removed.  The geomembrane keeps rainwater from passing through the soil and spreading the contamination.

Geomembranes for Soil Remediation

The type and level of contamination will determine the type of geomembrane that's best for the job. Gas barriers, impermeable engineered caps, low permeable engineered caps, and permeable engineered caps are common types of geomembranes used in soil remediation. 

UltraTech geomembrane liners, woven coated, woven coated polyethylene laminated with geotextile, and scrim-reinforced polyethylene are also ideal materials for soil remediation applications. These geotextiles are long-lasting, strong, and tear-resistant, allowing for substantial UV resistance and flexibility. 

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