Wastewater Lagoons

EPI knows how important it is to contain wastewater when treating it. We specialize in providing sturdy geomembrane liners that will keep wastewater in and clean water out. 

Choosing the Right Geomembrane for Wastewater Liners

Oxidation ponds, also known as lagoons or stabilization ponds, are one of the most economical ways of treating municipal sewage wastewater. In traditional wastewater treatment, the interaction between sunlight, bacteria, and algae removes harmful and undesirable substances from the contaminated water. Because the particles settle to the bottom, regular dredging must be enacted in order to keep the wastewater pond clean from algae buildup. Because of this, the geomembrane utilized must be able to withstand heavy friction. In order to be sure your wastewater is securely contained, call EPI to figure out which geomembrane would work best for you.

Why are Wastewater Liners Important

Geomembrane wastewater liners help control sewage leakage, which is important for maintaining the health of the drinking water. If the wastewater leaks or overflows into drinking water, then the treatment cycle is disrupted. If you don't install the proper wastewater liner, you're prone to this risk. Some factors involved in an improper wastewater liner include: 

Low-Quality Material - If you use low-quality materials for your wastewater liner, you're risking avoidable problems. Punctured liners are a common problem with low-quality materials. Leaks in your liner cause wastewater seepage. 

Improper Capacity - If the liner or lagoon is the incorrect size, you risk sludge buildup. If your lagoon overflows, the clean water may be contaminated. 

When you trust EPI for your geomembrane wastewater liner, you can be sure you're receiving the best quality project for your job. For more information, contact us today. 

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