Hidden River Golf & Casting


Poor quality clay along the shores of the Maple River in Northern Michigan made holding water impossible at the new Hidden River Golf & Casting Club.


30 mil PVC geomembrane pond liner from Environmental Protection, Inc. Carter Enterprises of Pelston, MI contracted with EPI to fabricate and install 249,000 square feet of PVC liner in the irrigation lake along the seventh fairway.

The PVC geomembrane was installed in large, custom sized panels in order to line the pond with the least amount of field seams.Panels were joined using chemical fusion welding. Complete installation of this 5.7 acre pond liner was accomplished in three days.

In addition, a smaller two acre pond was lined along the eighteenth hole on the opposite side of the Maple River, which cuts through the center of this unique 18 hole course. Sealing around the wooden supporting structure of the cart bridge provided some interesting challenges.  The flexibility of PVC allowed for field fabricated boots to seal the liner to the wood pilings.

For large panels, speedy installation, leak free, trouble free water features, backed by years of experience providing the highest quality PVC geomembrane available, contact EPI for your next liner project.


For more information call 800-OK-LINER today!


For more information, call 800-OK-LINER today!

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