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Sylvan Resort, in Gaylord, Michigan, is the home of Treetops, one of Northern Michigan's most beautiful golf courses. When the resort constructed this Robert Trent Jones' designed course, the sandy soil proved to be a problem for areas where ponds were to be located. The course design was specific as to the pond positioning in order to enhance the natural beauty of the wooded course. Existing soil conditions however, would not hold water in the areas of these new lakes.


20 mil PVC liner, custom fabricated and installed by EPI. The flexible, lightweight PVC liners for the lagoons were custom designed and fabricated by EPI, then shipped to the project site. Installation of all of the liners for the three lakes was completed in just one day.

20 mil PVC was selected for the liner on this project because of its inherent flexibility and durability for use in water containment applications. PVC's high puncture and tear resistance make it the product of choice for this application. It is easily handled and field welded using simple, proven construction methods. In addition, PVC's high elongation (300% minimum will ensure performance over the extended life of this recreational facility. PVC liner has been performing successfully in irrigation canal linings for over four decades.

EPI's technical department provided the surveying and design of the liner for each of the ponds. The liner was then custom fabricated to each individual ponds' curved shape. This fabrication of irregular shaped liner panels saves the customer significant cost over square panels for material and installation labor in the lining of each lagoon. The liner panels were delivered to the project site accordion folded on wooden pallets. Unloading and placement of the liners was accomplished with the normal construction equipment working on the project site.

Installation of the 20 mil PVC was provided by an EPI installation crew. The individual panels were spotted and unfolded into place, and field welded by trained EPI installers. All field seams were tested for weld integrity and all inlet and outlet pipes were sealed to the liner. Complete installation of the approximately 2.5 acres of liner was completed in one eight hour day.


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