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Salt from oil well drilling operations contaminates shallow ground water aquifers in Michigan's sandy soils.


20 mil PVC geomembranes from Environmental Protection, Inc.

During the 1970's, oil exploration in Northern Michigan encountered an unexpected problem.  Salt from many of the subterranean formations encountered during the drilling of oil and gas wells, some to a depth of up to 12,000 feet, was being deposited in the reserve pits used to mix drilling mud.  After drilling was completed, these salts were being leached into the shallow  groundwater table, and contaminating many water wells.

In 1977, the State of Michigan enacted a regulation requiring 20 mil PVC geomembrane liner be installed in all oil field well drilling reserve pits to prevent contamination of the groundwater.

In 1980, Environmental Protection, Inc. began fabricating 20 mil PVC geomembrane liners for the oil industry in northern Michigan.  Since then, EPI has supplied over 25 million square feet of PVC geomembrane reserve pit liners and covers.

EPI has the state's largest inventory of stock size 20 mil PVC pit liners, ready for immediate shipment to your rig location. These liners can also be used for many other water and waste containment applications.  Landscapers, irrigation and remediation contractors also can benefit from this large inventory of various size liners.

In addition to reserve pit liners, we can supply materials for secondary containment under above ground fuel tanks.  We also [20 mil reserve pit liner] inventory 30 and 40 mil PVC for applications requiring heavier liners.

For two decades, EPI has been working to protect our precious water resources.

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For more information, call 800-OK-LINER today!

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