PVC Flexible Geomembrane

PVC Fabricated Geomembrane Liner Meets ASTM D7176 Specifications

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride Liners Fabricated by EPIEPI’s PVC fabricated liners are of single-ply construction, featuring Polyvinyl Chloride as the predominant polymer. Only first-quality virgin resins are used and every material used either meets or exceeds ASTM D 7176 minimum specifications* for materials and ASTM D 7408 minimum specifications for seam strength.** 

The fabricated PVC geomembrane liners made by EPI are crafted in panel sizes of up to 40,000 square feet, conveniently accordion-folded in both directions. These PVC liner panels are then carefully packaged for shipment to your project site for simple installation that will save you both time and money. 

EPI’s unique testing process (referred to as the Wolschon Test) involves removing samples from actual factory seams during the welding process for a meticulous, proven testing procedure that will make certain that each factory-fabricated PVC geomembrane liner we create is of the highest possible caliber.

The statistical process control (SPC) that we follow at EPI ensures the uncompromising quality and integrity of each PVC geotextile liner we create.

Geomembrane Product Specifications:

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Other Useful Information:

* ASTM D7176 has replaced the no longer published National Sanitation Foundation Standard 54 for flexible membrane liners.

** ASTM D7408 is the new standard specification for PVC geomembrane factory and field seams
(chemical, adhesive, dielectric, hot air, and hot wedge).

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