Reinforced UltraTech Flexible Geomembrane

Excellent Weatherability & Chemical Resistance

The following is a specification for EPI's Reinforced UltraTech geomembrane and is recommended for use as a guideline in specifying lining and cover membrane.

UltraTech is a polymeric lining material made of a synthetic compound formulated with polymers, resin modifiers, and stabilizers. UltraTech is highly trusted for its high tensile strength and flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. It provides exceptional resistance to weather and chemicals.

The Reinforced UltraTech flexible membrane provides high-dimensional stability through its three-layer construction: two layers of UltraTech with a scrim fabric sandwiched between. It is manufactured totally by calendering, with each ply laminated to the next ply through the openings in the scrim weave, to produce a pinhole-free membrane.

The open-weave supporting fabric has a 16 x 8, 2:1 leno weave 250 warp/500 fill denier (8 x 8 — 500d apparent) construction. The single-ply of supporting UltraTech fabric is totally encapsulated within the 2 plies of membrane, giving a 3-ply construction of nominal 35 mil thickness.

Benefits of Reinforced UltraTech:

  • Weather-resistant (does not require an earthen cover)

  • Petrochemical-resistant

  • Three-dimension performance flexibility

  • Large panels, which eliminate field seams

  • Custom size and shape panels

Typical Applications of UltraTech Geomembrane:

  • Exposed applications

  • Hydrocarbon-resistant

  • Industrial waste

  • Oilfield

  • Secondary containment

  • Remediation

Product Specifications for Reinforced UltraTech Geomembrane:

epi reinforced ultratech flexible geomembrane Martin's Creek










Material Safety Data Sheets:


Total Thickness ASTM D-751 32 MIL 35 MIL
Thickness Over Scrim Optical 11 pass
Tensile Properties ASTM D-751    
1. Breaking Pounds (grab method)   110 132
2. Elongation at Break (%)   125 151
Tear Propagation (lbs.) (tongue tear) ASTM D-751 12 15
Hydrostatic Resistance (lbs) ASTM D-751 (Method A) 135 150
Puncture Resistance (lbs) FTMS 101B (Method 2031) 140 160
Bonded Seam Strength (lbs) ASTM D-751 (Modified) 110 132
Ply Adhesion (lbs/inch) ASTM D-413 (Type A) 8 9
Ozone Resistance ASTM D-1149
(1/8" bent loop,100 pphm, 104°F, 7 days)
No Cracks at 7x pass
Low Temperature ASTM D-2136
(1/8" mandrel, 4 hrs at -0°F)
pass -10 pass
Factory Fabricated Seams:
Peel Strength (lbs/in width, min) ASTM-D882 10 / FTB  
Shear Strength (lbs/in width, min) ASTM-D882 110  


ASTM D-471:  
(Total Immersion for 7 days at 72°F ± 4°F) TYPICAL CHANGE
ASTM Oil #1 1%
ASTM Oil #3 1%
ASTM Fuel A 2%
Crude Oil 2%
Vegetable Oil 1%
Neatsfoot Oil 1%








CAUTION: Due to the wide variety of crude oils and petroleum-based products from different crude-based stocks, testing of each material to be contained should be carried out at conditions approximating expected field use to confirm suitability.

*These data are based on tests believed to be reliable. However, these are laboratory tests that may not simulate actual use conditions. They are provided for your information purposes only. No warranty, express or implied, including any other further warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, is made by this promotional literature.

UltraTech is also available unsupported.

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