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What is an UltraTech® Liner?

A single-ply EIA membrane compounded for hydraulic containment, UltraTech® flexible geomembrane possesses proven characteristics. Because of its unique composition, UltraTech® naturally provides exceptional weather ability, resistance to oils, chemicals, and grease. Some of its other unique characteristics include a flexibility over a broad temperature range, and its high tensile strength and elongation properties. 

In general, UltraTech® liners do not require cover materials, earthen or otherwise. They are well-suited for a range of applications, especially when resistance to biodegradation and a wide range of chemicals is an advantage. UltraTech® is also available as a reinforced membrane.

UltraTech® can be directly welded to a PVC liner, which allows the use of PVC on the bottom of the pond and UltraTech® on the side slopes, and because of the natural strength of UltraTech, there is no integrity loss at the seam of the two liners.

Benefits of UltraTech®: epi ultratech geomembrane liner

  • Weather resistance — does not require earthen cover
  • Resistance to petrochemicals
  • Flexibility for three-dimensional performance
  • Large panels eliminate field seams
  • Custom size and shape panels

UltraTech® Applications:

  • Hydrocarbon Resistant
  • Industrial Waste
  • Oilfield
  • Secondary Containment
  • Soil Remediation 
  • Water Featuresultratech geomembrane liner

Product Specifications:


Chemical Resistance:

  • Oil — Excellent 
  • Acids — Fair/Very good 
  • Brine — Excellent
  • Hydrocarbons — Good/Excellent 
  • Bases — Excellent 
  • Solvents — Poor/Fair


**UltraTech is a registered trademark of Environmental Protection, Inc Construction Details 


NOTE: 20 Mil and 40 Mil product is available upon request.


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