Maximum Strength, Superior Chemical Resistance

XR-5® is a state-of-the-art geomembrane compatible with a wide range of harsh liquids. It is an incredibly tough woven synthetic fabric of DuPont Dacron Polyester which has been molecularly coated with sophisticated compounds that are minimally degradable in adverse environments. In-plant fabrication and on-site installation occur quickly. Time and money are saved and quality is assured.

EPI XR-5 geomembrane linerBenefits of XR-5®:

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Wicking eliminated

  • Low thermal expansion/contraction

  • Maximum strength to weight ratio

Typical Applications*:

  • Chemical Holding Bins

  • Oil Holding Pits

  • Emergency Containments

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Secondary Containment

  • GeoFoam Protection

Product Specifications:xr5 fabricated geomembrane liner

Material Safety Data Sheets:

*Applications suggested are not intended to be all-inclusive, nor does EPI warrant or guarantee the suitability or longevity of this material for the uses listed. Your project engineer or installer/contractor is your best advisor in determining what
physical properties are required for a synthetic liner.
In some cases, a chemical compatibility test may be required.

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