Comparing Geomembranes: Is thicker always better?

Does the thickness of a geomembrane liner matter?Are thicker geomembrane liners always better? 

There are many questions that arise when deciding which geomembrane liner is right for your business and project. There are many variable that need to be considered, like the thickness of the liner. Our experts are commonly asked if thickness of liners matters, however thicker liners don't necessarily mean they will be better or last longer. 

The most important factors of high-quality geomembranes are its strength and manufacturing process. The thickness of a geomembrane should be dependent on the specific application and site conditions. Thick geomembranes may provide greater durability and resistance to punctures and tears however they can be more expensive and may not be necessary for certain applications. 

For example, an environment with high temperatures, harsh conditions, and sharp rocks may require a thicker liner, whereas a miler climate with soft soil and no sharp objects won’t require as thick of a liner. 

Other factors that should be considered when choosing geomembrane liner thickness are:

  • The type of installation required. Thicker geomembranes are known to be less flexible and more challenging to install. 
  • Amount of exposure to UV radiation and various chemicals. 
  • If/ what reinforcements are used on liners. 
  • The reliability of the manufacturer and supplier you choose to use. 

Finding the right geomembrane liner for your project can be stressful and confusing. EPI is here to make that process easier. We will assist you in making the best choice for your project. Our experts have years of experience and will suggest the right geomembrane and thickness to provide optimal performance and long-lasting environmental protection for your project.

EPI is a leading provider of high-quality geomembrane solutions and tailor’s its manufacturing to your project’s unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let our experts guide you through the process. 

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