What is the Difference Between Unreinforced and Reinforced Geomembranes?

There are many types of industrial geomembrane liners on the market. When deciding what geomembrane liner is the best for your company it can be challenging. One major difference between liners is whether they are unreinforced or reinforced. To assist you with the specification process of the two, we’ve broken down some of the key components and properties of each geomembrane. 

Unreinforced Geomembranes 

Unreinforced geomembranes are manufactured through a calendered process or an extrusion process, meaning that the material is forced through a series of dies to create the desired size and shape of the liner. The strength of unreinforced geomembranes comes from the overall thickness of the membrane, there is no base fabric used. 

Unreinforced geomembranes are mostly used for projects in which the geomembrane is buried, such as landfill liners. The panels can be manufactured wider than reinforced geomembranes and are welded together at installation sites. This can leave the unreinforced geomembrane susceptible to failures, however the geomembrane liners sold at EPI are only made of the best highest quality materials. Our liners are all custom made and quality tested. 

Reinforced Geomembranes 

Reinforced geomembranes are created using the same process as unreinforced liners however they are often coated or laminated. Reinforced geomembranes are more flexible and durable than unreinforced liners as they derive their strength from a base fabric layer. Some reinforced geomembranes we sell have a total of 3 layers. Reinforced membrane liners are great for a wide range of projects, but especially projects involving steep side slopes. 


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