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EPI’s Leadership Team

EPI is continually growing and expanding our leadership team and support staff. Click on each team member below to learn a little more about us.

As President of Environmental Protection, Inc., Daniel Rohe is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a growing company which fabricates over 30 million square feet of geomembranes annually. He has been involved with this family owned business since he was in high school and has spent many years working in and learning about the geomembrane industry.

Dan is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Public Policy. He spent his first years with Environmental Protection, Inc. as plant manager and then as a salesman where he cultivated relationships with many of the industry’s leaders. Dan is an active member of several professional organizations including ASTM committee D-35 and the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI) and has been active in countless industry trade shows and seminars. He is continuing EPI's development of thermal welding and air channel strength testing of PVC geomembrane field seams.

With an extensive background in computers, Dan is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the fully interactive EPI Website since the late 90's. Prior to rejoining EPI as Executive Vice President, Dan worked as a heavy equipment salesman for Michigan CAT in Kalkaska, Michigan.

Dan lives in Traverse City, Michigan. He has been an active member of the Traverse City community served as a Big Brother for the Big Brother Big Sisters organization and a past board member for the Northern Michigan MSU alumni club. Dan is also a graduate of Leadership Grand Traverse – an executive training program that teaches participants about the Grand Traverse region. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors riding his motorcycle, hunting, fishing, boating and taking pictures of his kids. Dan is married and has 3 beautiful children.

As Operations Manager of Environmental Protection, Inc., Bill’s primary focus is ensuring on-time product delivery to both EPI and our customers. With an extensive background in lean manufacturing and supply chain management, Bill brings with him an enthusiasm for challenges, and enjoys developing the people around him and being instrumental in helping businesses grow and succeed.

A fifth-generation Traverse City native, Bill grew up enjoying all aspects of our 4-season playground, and views work (albeit enjoyable!) as an interruption to an otherwise busy vacation schedule. Bill took his love of the outdoors into consideration when choosing schools, and attended Michigan Technological University, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering specializing in the Environment. A career opportunity re-directed him towards operations management, but his passion for the outdoors never left him.

Bill can still be found spending much of his free time outside year-round, participating in the environment that he grew up in and enjoying his life-long hobbies of skiing (a skill that he has honed since the age of two), fishing and hunting. Aside from his tenured activities, Bill is an avid mushroom hunter, enjoys snorkeling, exploring the national lakeshore and is involved in Leorie Vineyard on the Old Mission Peninsula.

Fred P. Rohe is the former owner of Environmental Protection, Inc., a Michigan based fabricator and installer of PVC geomembranes. A graduate of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI., he also attended Michigan Technological University. He was a member of the Elk Rapids Rotary Club, with 23 years of perfect attendance, and is a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow. He was president of EPI from 1985 through 2003.

Mr. Rohe is a charter member of the PVC Geomembrane Institute (PGI) and was instrumental in the formation of this organization. He was active in the NICET PVC Geomembrane Advisory Committee on Testing and Certification of PVC Geomembrane Inspectors, and was a NICET Certified Level II Inspector for PVC, HDPE, Geotextiles, and Hypalon. He was a founding director of the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers (IAGI) and is a Charter Member of the Geo Institute.

He has been a featured speaker at Geosynthetic Seminars for EPI, Filmtex, Oxy Chem, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), PVC Geomembrane Institute (PGI), and The Vinyl Institute. He has presented lectures in Canada, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Egypt and the Philippines. Technical papers authored by Mr. Rohe have been published in Geotechnical Fabrics Report, Land and Water Magazine, Our California Environment, Fabrics in Architecture and others. He was a member of the EPA's Thermoplastic Task Group that edited the agency's Technical Guidance Document on "The Fabrication of Field Seams for Flexible Membrane Liners."

Mr. Rohe has been a participant on the Joint Committee on Flexible Membrane Liners for the National Sanitation Foundation (Standard 54) and has served as an expert witness in legal proceedings involving geomembranes. In 2001 he launched The Liner Letter published by EPI, providing new information on PVC geomembranes and other industry technical and general interest topics.
Prior to becoming President of EPI in 1985, he was involved in industrial construction, owning and operating Anvil Construction, Inc. He had also formed Groundcover Services, Inc. in 1983 as a full service geosynthetics installation company. He was active in the development of new liner materials and welding techniques for the PVC geomembrane installation industry.

Mr. Rohe previously worked to establish EPI as a leader in developing thermal and hot air dual track welding techniques for field welding and air channel testing of PVC Geomembrane field seams. In 1991 he facilitated EPI joining ASTM as a Corporate Member and EPI has been very active in ASTM specification development since then. He was also responsible for implementing a regimented Statistical Process Control program for EPI's geomembrane factory fabrication. His development of EPI's industry leading Construction Quality Control Manual for PVC and UltraTech geomembrane installation has helped guide EPI from a regional company to an internationally known supplier to the geotechnical industry.

As a Sales Representative at Environmental Protection, Inc., Jon’s primary focus is to assist customers with choosing the best geomembrane for their project and to provide the highest level of customer service. Jon came on board in February, 2017 and now is a major asset to the sales team.

With a bachelor’s degree in Facilities Management from Ferris State University, Jon comes from a background of AutoCAD, project management, facilities consulting, and project estimating. These skills lend well to the project quantity estimation that Jon does for many of our clients on various projects, helping ensure that they have just the right amount of liner for their geomembrane application. Jon comes to EPI directly from the emergency services field, where he was a certified fire/EMS professional for twelve years.

While at home in Traverse City, Jon enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his four beautiful children, as well as staying in shape through weightlifting and sports.

As Quality Control Manager at Environmental Protection, Inc., Ryan’s main focus is to ensure that all of our fabricated geomembranes represent the high-quality standards that we at EPI hold ourselves to. Ryan assists with the extensive testing, observation and documentation of our welds and provides feedback to production to ensure that only the highest quality product is sent to our customers.

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Ryan comes from a background of warehouse management and logistics. After moving to Michigan with his family for a better environment and to live happy, Ryan began his EPI career as a floor laborer and within a year was given the opportunity to move into the Quality Control Lab. He is now second-in-command in the QC lab and has since learned much about the geomembrane industry and looks forward to continuing his education in the field.

Ryan now lives in Traverse City with his wife who is the love of his life, and two kiddos. About his move to Michigan, Ryan says “I miss my mountains, but northern Michigan has so much more to offer and I have never been happier to call a place my home”.

As Equipment Manager at Environmental Protection, Inc., Mike’s primary focus is the maintenance of our welding machines and other equipment used for the fabrication of our geomembranes. A veteran of the installation generation here at EPI, Mike has been with the company for over ten years and has truly grown in his role, working his way up the ranks from laying liner on jobsites to now managing our welding equipment, ensuring that each liner is welded to the satisfaction of our strict quality standards. Mike has vast installation experience, and can easily say that he has helped to install more liner than most installers will in their collective lifetime. An asset to the project, Mike assisted in EPI’s installation of the world's largest geomembrane liner project ever constructed in a single operation, the Columbus Upground Reservoir Project (CUGR), which spanned 843 acres.

With the majority of his education coming from what he describes as the school of hard knocks, Mike is mostly self-taught, and answers around the shop to the names of “Mr. Fixit” and “Here, it’s Broke!”. A fan of challenges, Mike finds every day to be an accomplishment as there is always something challenging to do, fix, or learn about. The worst thing you can say to Mike is “it can’t be done” to which his reply will usually be “watch this”.

Mike lives in Kalkaska with his fiancée and two beautiful daughters, who are the loves of his life. In his spare time, you can either find Mike tinkering on a new project, or at the gym where he enjoys working out and helping others to learn new skillsets.

As Controller of Environmental Protection, Inc., Rick oversees all things financial, accounting and human resources related. A die-hard Michigan State Alumni and fan, Rick fits right in to the (mostly) Spartan community here at EPI. As a dog lover, you will often find at least one of the office dogs either in his lap, or asking for a treat at any given moment.

Rick brings to the organization over 38 years of financial experience in the governmental, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Keeping with the standard here at EPI, Rick enjoys spending his spare time outside both on land where you can find him at the golf course or mountain biking, and on the water where he likes sailing and kayaking.

As Production Manager of Environmental Protection, Inc. Josh’s primary focus is to oversee the fabrication of our customers’ geomembranes and getting the product shipped out to them as quickly as possible with the highest quality.  The responsibility of overseeing every project from production through shipment is a challenge Josh has mastered in his two years with EPI.  With Josh at the lead, our production team takes all challenges with an opportunistic approach and will find a way to get the task done with quality as the main priority.

After attending college for aviation management, Josh began his career in the geomembrane industry that he has grown to love. Since 1999, Josh has worked for three of the primary fabricators in the United States, starting his career cutting out geomembrane patches with a coffee can, marker, and a pair of scissors. Josh has worked his way up the ranks from welding technician to foreman, supervisor, QA/QC and finally landing in his current role as Production Manager. With certifications through IAGI (International Association of Geomembrane Installers), CPR, OSHA, H2S awareness, forklifts, loaders and skid steers, Josh has a skillset paralleled by few in the industry. Josh is very knowledgeable in geomembrane installation, fabrication, QA/QC, as well as customer service and management. His career in the geomembrane industry has taken him to 47 of the 50 states, as well as Barbados and Costa Rica.

Josh currently lives with his family in Traverse City, where you can find them spending time outside doing anything from attending soccer games to swimming and simply enjoying the sunset. Lovingly referred to as a family full of strong-willed and persevering individuals, Josh often reminds us how tight-knit they are and how he wouldn’t trade them in for anything.

As EPI’s PVC Line Lead, Tony Knowles main mission is to work with his line to build the best liners possible. Creating a positive, fun work environment for all of the members of his team is something he strives to do and exceeds at on a daily basis. Leading by taking responsibility to improve things instead of focusing on what is not being done is a quality Tony supersedes at. He always portrays a positive attitude, knowing that collective behavior and attitude play a substantial role in the work environment.  Overall, Tony knows that diligent work and dedication result in exceptional quality products, he takes an abundance of pride in his work.

After graduating from Mancelona High School, Tony started working for EPI as an installer. In the beginning of his career, he worked on several large installation jobs, gaining a great deal of experience. Accordingly, after 4 years, Tony was prepared to step in as the plant manager. Before we moved to our Traverse City location, he ran the plant in Mancelona for almost 10 years.

Tony still resides in Mancelona with his amazing 8-year-old son. Being a single father, he always makes sure to put aside time from work to spend with his boy. When he isn’t hard at work you can find the two of them kayaking, fishing, playing disc golf, or mudding. His son loves the company and all of Tony’s coworkers. EPI has exceeded past being just a job to Tony and a multitude of his colleagues. Working together to build high quality liners is a way of life for them and they all consider each other family.


Alejandro is celebrating his first anniversary with Environmental Protection Inc., proudly sharing the progress made during this introductory stage. 

Alejandro worked through high school and college in the international leather and food industry in his family’s business in Mexico. While working in these industries, he mainly outsourced the handling of sales and market development within Mexico and the USA.

Known for his personal drive, Alejandro always has the desire and readiness to learn new things to improve and achieve success in his career and overall life. When it comes to circumstances he does not understand he always tries to put it into his own perspective and faces it head on with perseverance and awareness.

Alejandro holds a Bachelor’s degree in international business from Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) where he gained the ability to build effective relationships with clients and to efficiently solve any problems thrown his way. He is skilled in managing his time while working with others to make decisions on projects in a competent manner.

Using customer service as as a standard in his daily operations, he is determined to turn the next stage into an unmatched development opportunity for our international business partners. 

As Sales Coordinator of Environmental Protection, Inc., Katie’s primary focus is to monitor the sales orders and make sure that the jobs are finalized from the Sales Staff. She monitors and tracks orders from receipt through shipment to ensure that they are completed on-time and to our customers’ satisfaction.

She is a Traverse City native that has moved around but always found her way back home. She is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys spending her free time recreating outside. Her passion for hunting and fishing originally steered her towards a career as a Conservation Officer, like her father. After completing her Criminal Justice Degree, she wanted to give another field a try before settling into a career. Katie currently is going to college to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration to help round out her education.

Her motto is to learn something new everyday and she is eager to bring her positive attitude to the EPI family. Aside from loving to hunt and fish, she enjoys being very active. She loves to run, hike, bike, paddle, and hit the gym on a regular basis.

As an Inside Sales Representative at Environmental Protection, Inc, Emily’s primary focus is to provide outstanding customer service and assist customers in choosing the best liner to fit their project needs. With a strong background in customer service and sales in the hospitality and packaging industry, Emily brings to the table her dynamic drive and passion for helping others. She is excited about her career with EPI and learning the ins and outs of the geosynthetic industry.

A native to Michigan, growing up just a hop skip and a jump away in Kalkaska. Michigan’s beautiful lakes led Emily to have a strong passion for anything to do with the water; above and below. After completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baker College, she got the travel bug. Her love for the water led her to pursue a career in Scuba Diving and become an active Instructor. With this certification, Emily was able to live and teach in places such as the British Virgin Islands, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. However, her home state could not keep her away for long.

Outside of work Emily enjoys spending her time outdoors. Besides scuba diving, some of her other hobbies include boating, backpacking, snowboarding, and running.

As a New Business Development team member at Environmental Protection, Inc., Erik looks for ways to utilize our industry expertise, unique facilities, and talented production team in new ways. Erik came on board in the summer of 2018 and has jumped in with both feet.

Erik has developed a varied skill set with a background in sales, marketing, and education. He even tested cars for Car and Driver Magazine after college. He has lived in California, Wyoming, and Iceland, but always left his heart in his home state of Michigan. His diverse experience lends itself well to approaching new projects with inventiveness.

Erik is the proud father of two incredible kids that are growing up too quickly. He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, likes to hunt and hike, and loves any activity that involves getting in the water.

Anna Dunlap is one of EPI’s newest faces in the front office, and is incredibly excited to be working at EPI! As an Inside Sales Representative, Anna’s main mission is to provide excellent customer service, promptly provide quotes, and you can be assured that it will all be served-up with a smile!

Growing up in northwest Ohio, it was only natural for Anna to begin her collegiate years at Ohio State (Go Bucks!) studying Zoology. A move to Michigan landed her at Central Michigan University where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences. Her next stop on the train of life was Traverse City, where she had spent the past 7 years working at Munson Medical Center. Even though she loves the medical field, Anna is excited about entering a new career field and doing what she loves, talking to people in a field where she gets to learn a new set of skills.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys spending it with her son, who is seriously the coolest dude ever, and you can find her on the sidelines as her son’s coach in various sports. Just being outside in beautiful northern Michigan is enough to make anyone happy, but beautiful scenery helps while training for her upcoming 3rd half marathon.