About Environmental Protection Inc

Taking Our Name Seriously...

That's exactly what we do at Environmental Protection, Inc. 

EPI is a dynamic company that has been providing solutions to your environmental problems since 1980. As a trend-setter in the industry, EPI implements new technology such as Dual Track Welding and Air Channel Testing using Thermal Welding and the Wolschon Test.  EPI is the pioneer in thermal welding of PVC Geomembranes and worked with TRI & the PGI to develop a methodology to air channel test PVC field seams.  EPI initiated the specification at ASTM and Mark Wolschon was the Task Group Leader that authored the ASTM D7177 and ASTM D7408 specifications.

Quality is more important than Quantity...

EPI's Quality Control Manual has been designed to exceed industry requirements and customer expectations.  PVC Liners are fabricated by EPI in panel sizes up to 40,000 square feet, accordion-folded in both directions, and packaged for shipment to your site for quick, easy installation that saves you time and money.  EPI utilizes statistical process control (SPC) to ensure the quality and integrity of every panel we produce.  We are the ONLY Fabricator in North America that removes test samples from actual factory seams during the welding process, not "representative" samples (i.e. trial welds).  This ensures the most rigorous, proven testing procedure that assures you of the highest quality factory-fabricated PVC geomembranes available.

Factory Fabrication Saves Time & Money...

Factory fabrication of panels reduces field seams by as much as 80%. This equates to faster installation, less field seaming, less testing, and less cost.  PVC liners fabricated by EPI are single-ply construction manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride.  Only first quality virgin PVC resins and high molecular weight plasticizers are used.  For this reason, all materials fabricated at EPI exceed the ASTM D7176 Standard for Flexible Membrane Liners and ASTM D7408 Standard for Factory and Field Seams.

Some of our applications can be seen in places such as the Columbus Upground Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio, the Antrim/Kalkaska County Landfill, also in northern Michigan, and the Coachella Canal in southern California.  Environmental Protection, Inc. is an active member of the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI), as well as the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI), and the Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA).  Daniel S. Rohe is President of Environmental Protection, Inc.


At EPI, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products with the highest level of customer service. Please explore our website and see the many ways we can help provide a solution at your project. We look forward to discussing your project and working with you in the future.


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