Temporary Covers

Temporary Geomembrane Covers for Numerous Applications

Large panels can be fabricated in the factory for short-term applications or temporary covers. Temporary geomembrane covers are vital to maintaining a high quality of water. Our solutions are the best in the industry in protecting your property from debris, rain, etc. 

Other Applications of Temporary Geomembrane Covers

Temporary panel covers are used in a variety of applications, including dust control or keeping rainwater out. When rainwater comes into contact with waste underneath, what happens is an unfortunate event called leachate. Leachate occurs when the waste begins leaching out of the ground and spreading its harmful nature to other areas. Temporary covers are more durable and long-lasting than a daily cover, but more flexible in pricing than a long-term cover. Temporary geomembrane covers also allow for lower installation costs and good odor control.

Temporary Landfill Covers

Temporary panel covers are also beneficial in landfills because they keep the contaminants from running into our waterways when their is high rainfall or a quick snow melt. When high volumes of water are dumped on a landfill, the ground doesn't have time to absorb it, so it runs off into our water. Temporary covers keep the landfill and runoff water separate which keeps our water safe. 

Today's landfills are designed to capture any leachate. The captured leachate must be removed and either disposed of or treated. Without a temporary landfill cover, there is an increase in the amount of leachate that needs to be disposed of or treated, which could make it's way into the surrounding ground and surface water. Temporary geomembrane covers on landfills are an excellent tool for protecting the environment. 

Surface runooff is another problem that can occur without the proper temporary panel cover over a landfill. Surface runoff may occur when the water is unable to disperse into the gournd, and it instead runs off with the pollutants of the leachate in it's path. This runoff then contaminates the ground or water source around the area. Temporary geomembrane covers ensure the runoff water and leachate do not combine.

We create temporary geomembrane covers to your specifications with your specific strength, flexibility, UV stability, and other personalized factors in mind for any utility. Contact us to learn more! We are trusted professionals who work for you to fit your needs best.

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