Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembranes


High Performance Fabricated Liner

Reinforced Polypropylene provides a versatile flexible geomembrane liner. The unique three-ply construction with a combination of custom fabric reinforcement encapsulated by extruded high-performance polypropylene provides a strong, highly chemical resistant liner.

The chemically inert polymer is modified to provide many specialized properties that include excellent flexibility, low thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction, outstanding dimensional stability, wide temperature range for excellent seaming and good chemical resistance in exposed liner applications. All factory and field seams are thermally welded.

Benefits of Reinforced Polypropylene:           reinforced polypropylene geomembrane liner

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Wide temperature range for excellent seaming
  • Chemical resistance in exposed liner applications

Typical Applications:

  • Exposed Application
  • Floating Covers
  • Ponds
  • Potable Water
  • Wastewater Lagoons
  • Tailing Ponds




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