Stormwater Liners


EPI Geomembrane Liners for Stormwater Management

The implementation of the "Clean Water Act" has necessitated barriers to prevent pollutants swept up by storm waters from entering the groundwater. This means capturing those pollutants from roadways, parking lots, and roof runoff. All new construction projects must address these issues to protect our rivers, streams and lakes.

Why are Stormwater Liners Important?

In order to effectively collect stormwater runoff, a designated basin must be established that will not allow contaminated water to reenter aquifers before cleansing efforts are put into place. When excessive, said runoff can cause the surrounding ground to become unstable and even cause sinkholes. When rainfall is sporadic but intense, stormwater liners prevent unneeded damage to local structures, groundwater, and landscapes. Utilize EPI's trusted geomembranes in order to limit the unnecessary destruction caused by runoff. 


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